About the guardian

About the guardian pic for spiritual blogAs above, so below.   Ascension is not just about our human selves merging with Spirit.  It is also a process where our evolved states of consciousness allow Spirit to descend upon us.  Every step we take during this human journey is filled with much uncontrollable factors, not to mention the unseen and unknown forces which are impacting us every moment.

As a record keeper, I am working closely with the divine to assist my human brothers and sisters to unveil universal principles about love, beauty, creation and relationship.  It is my hope that every human being can eventually reclaim its own personal power, strengthen its higher will to create what the heart truly desire for a meaningful and joyous life!

May you be blessed always!


C. Mer’Sindor

2 thoughts on “About the guardian

  1. Your sacred geometries are most beautiful 🌻
    May you continue to bloom n blossom as your soul expands; enjoying life’s miracles n blessings as one of Earth’s Godsend 🌀✨💗

    • May these works continue to inspire souls who are now ready to embrace their souls’ calling by transcending lower realities of fear, lack, scarcity, pain and suffering. There is always a choice if one can train its mind to ‘see’. Blessings to you, Elione 🙂

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