Going with the flow…

Beloved ones

Going with the flow - Blog

During the past week, I learnt a great deal about going with the flow of things in our daily life.  Perhaps, this is the missing puzzle towards the totality of creation.  Setting intentions and being aware of what we think are necessary steps towards creating a more joyous and blissful life.  Still, there will be many moments where the actual events do not match up with what we had in mind originally.  Therefore, what’s left for one to do is to go with the flow by accepting “what is”.  By allowing what is taking place in the moment, the focus shifts from the mind to the heart by simply “being present”.  You see, the Mind always seeks to Know whereas the Soul simply IS.

A little similar to what we usually read in the stories of Zen masters.  Being deliberate about what we wish to create for ourselves during the day only serves half of the story.  The other half has got a lot to do with the external conditions that are surrounding us during the day, astrological influences from the planets, our own thinking frequencies, physical feelings etc..  Therefore, I begin to appreciate more of what this universal Law of Allowing means… Yes, the Law of Attraction depicts that Like Attracts Like but for true manifestation of dreams into reality, one needs to master the Art of Allowing by flowing with the ‘current’ of the moment.

As with all kinds of skills, for one to master both Arts of of Attraction and Allowing, it requires persistent daily practice.  There is no pressure or timeline as I am aware that such mastery would probably take up an entire life time.  Trust that the ‘current’ shall eventually lead us back to the vast ocean of ascension.

May you be in the flow always….

C.  Mer’Sindor


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