Spirit of Christmas…

Seasons greetings for spiritual blogCandle pic for spiritual blogDear beloved ones

It has been many months since my last posting.  This post, which is written on the eve of Christmas shall wrap up the year for 2012.   Even though there is no physical human being accompanying me on this day, my heart is still basking in appreciation, towards every greeting that has been received.  So what is the Spirit of Christmas?

To give thanks for every experience as it helps to strengthen the human will

To pick up the goodness in each person’s act and speech regardless of the situation

To give in one’s best abilities and this goes beyond gift exchanging

To be willing to forgive and forget any unpleasant incident that arise between two parties

To express affection for another through the 5 languages of love

To give someone the best gift of “time”

To always count my blessings

We are ONE Earth expressing Life through individual human bodies.  And as more of us start to embody the energies of peace, love, joy and abundance, others would find it easier to follow the template that we have anchored on this Christmas day.

Many blessings for a wonderful Christmas as a much exciting new year of 2013 awaits us!


With love and light

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