Compassion – 25 June 2012

The best antidote that can cure all types of pains and aches is compassion.  It is in this state that we can simply accept what is and allow it to be.  It is in this state that we can love with all might and not afraid of being let down or hurt by another.  It is also in this state that we come to embrace the imperfect nature of our human essence and yet bringing ourselves closer to that divine state of Oneness.

I cannot take away your pains nor sufferings.  I can only help you see those repeating “patterns” in your relationships which you are not conscious of.  It is still your choice as you have free will.  There is no right or wrong timing.  You have the choice of learning to love again or shut down for good.  All I want to say is that, the person who hurts you the most, is after all, an imperfect human undergoing its life lessons, and having you played the role of its designated partner.  Would you attempt to at least forgive those whom have let you down in the past, where you have once loved and given so much?

The heart knows no barrier or limitations, the mind always do.

May peace be with us always,

Cezann Mer’Sindor


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