Cottony Love


Beloved ones

Tonight’s sharing was simply inspired by this beautiful old cotton tree that’s been standing in the garden for the last 79 years since 1933.  As I took the usual route upon entering the garden grounds, I discovered that the surrounding plants and shrubs were covered by patches of fluffy stuff.  For a moment, I thought this looks like silk cotton and as I continued on my journey, I realised that the entire ground where the old cotton tree stood, was covered in patches of its beautiful soft looms.  I picked one up, held it in my hand and instantly felt its warmth!  In the centre of its fluffy petals lies the seed and when you try to reach for the seed, the entire flower disintegrates into strands of cotton silk where it allows the winds to carry it off gently.

I met 2 group of girls who were happily collecting the cottons on the ground and having fun playing catching.  I joined in too as how often can one chance upon the flowering season of our magnificent heritage cotton tree?  It was fun as we take turns to come up with ideas on how we can use cotton besides serving as a main ingredient in our attire making.  Shortly after, 2 pairs of brides and grooms start to pose underneath the big cotton tree.  The guy is asked to make cute poses while the lady is asked to turn its face towards him..  I can’t help but to think about this theme – Cottony Love.

Our love stories these days are likened to be as light and soft as cotton, and at the same time, a tad too fragile to withstand strong winds and climate changes.  Well, the good news is that the cotton strands can be banded together to form a stronger weave.  And isn’t how each human couple is being tested in this aspect?  How can both parties in a relationship make a commitment to desire, love and develop a true understanding for each other despite all circumstances and surroundings?   To love is to bare one’s heart to the soul whom we have pledged ourselves to in any given relationship.  If this is the case, can we afford to carry on a care-less attitude about how we speak with each other, how we acted out in the presence of our loved ones, and how we at times, withhold our affection because we feel vulnerable and afraid even though deep down, we really care?

Well, be like the cotton bloom.  Each seed carries in itself the potential to be anchored onto a fertile ground and to eventually grow into a tree.  Never underestimate softness as a sign of weakness.  Some of you may have experienced that in order to cultivate stamina and increase faith within a relationship, one has to learn to be vulnerable at times.  Then again, when it comes to love, does it really matter who is stronger or who gives more?  If you are still wondering and attempting to balance the books, then perhaps what you’re experiencing is simply another illusion of how love may feel like when certain conditions are met.  There goes again a wonderful opportunity to experience love at a human level 🙂

May you find the seed of everlasting love and gather enough strength to see it through its growth!

With much love and happiness to you,

Cezann Mer’Sindor


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